Money Offers

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Offer: E.g. a gift of money for a specific purpose, support in learning to budget, recommendations for investments which support the local community, help finding personal finance education resources, join a saving circle

Who is the offer for: E.g. anyone, people who are visually impaired, families with gender- nonconforming children, indigenous women who are water/land protectors, unemployed single fathers/mothers, young adults who were in foster care, people who live in a certain area, women escaping abusive relationships, young black/indigenous/Latino adults, recent immigrants

Availability: E.g., anytime/ sometimes/ emergency; now/future date

Location: E.g., city, town, suburb, virtual

Cost: E.g., $/€/¥/hr, fixed, barter, negotiable, free

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Money for birthday gift or party

Offer: Up to $75 for a birthday gift and/or party

Who is the offer for: child or teen in foster care or whose parents are unemployed

Availability: anytime

Location: anywhere


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