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Offer: E.g. share your journey to health, recommendation for health care practitioners, healthy habits buddy, health coaching, books related to health, health related podcast recommendation, tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep

Who is the offer for: E.g. anyone, people who are visually impaired, families with gender- nonconforming children, indigenous women who are water/land protectors, unemployed single fathers/mothers, young adults who were in foster care, people who live in a certain area, women escaping abusive relationships, young black/indigenous/Latino adults, recent immigrants

Availability: E.g., anytime/ sometimes/ emergency; now/future date

Location: E.g., city, town, suburb, virtual

Cost: E.g., $/€/¥/hr, fixed, barter, negotiable, free

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Share my journey as a Type 2 diabetic who successfully got off insulin

Offer: share my journey weaning myself from insulin, losing weight and increasing my health through a keto diet, intermittent fasting and regular moderate exercise - I have lost >50 lbs, my glucose levels are controlled, am completely off insulin, and feel great

Who is the offer for: Type 2 diabetics who have become dependent on insulin and are having trouble controlling their glucose levels, and are concerned about the consequences

Availability: sometimes

Location: virtual

Cost: free


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