The goal of a peaceful and healthy world is enormous. It may seem unattainable from where we are living right now. It can seem unclear what we as individuals can do to get there.


But if we break down each part of the goal, we can look at our own lives and see if we are living in alignment with it or not. 


For example, part of the goal involves taking care of our bodies. We can look at whether we are doing that in our own lives. If not, we can make a goal to take better care of our body and do something right now, in the next minute, that is good for our bodies. 



We can do this is any area described in the goal of Find My Way. We can also add our own areas to the overall goal which adds to the concrete picture of what a world truly at peace looks like. And we can live in alignment with that goal.


When enough of us do this enough of the time, it dramatically impacts the world.


Find My Way exists to support your work and your goals. When you have peaceful relations with people in your life, you are creating a peaceful world. When you take care of your body, you are creating a healthy world. When you make sure a child learns, you are creating an intelligent world. All of these actions make an enormous difference. 


In fact, if we learned about how many of us ARE living in alignment with many of these goals right here and now, it might dramatically change just how possible we experience the goal of world peace to be.


Let's discover and contribute to each other as we enjoy our journey to a peaceful world.


We have organized the information about people and their work into 16 categories for both OFFERS and NEEDS.


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