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Offer: E.g., advice for someone considering law school, mentoring for someone in marketing, introductions to people in your field, space in your office for someone to hold meetings, resume advice, train someone in your business, sell/give away your business materials

Who is the offer for: E.g. anyone, people who are visually impaired, families with gender- nonconforming children, indigenous women who are water protectors, unemployed single fathers, young adults who were in foster care, people who live in a certain area, women escaping abusive relationships, young black adults, recent immigrants

Availability: E.g., anytime/ sometimes/ emergency; now/future date

Location: E.g., city, town, suburb, virtual

Cost: E.g., $/€/¥/hr, fixed, barter, negotiable, free

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Training and support to become a private dyslexia tutor

Offer: Training, support and materials to become qualified to teach students with dyslexia how to read and spell. I am a certified Barton Tutor, and I would love to find someone who would like to become a Barton tutor whom I could support by providing training and materials. This is a rewarding career which allows you to work from home, since Barton tutoring can be done online.

Who is the offer for: a young adult who was in foster care, a woman escaping an abusive relationship looking for an income, a young adults who is indigenous/of color, a recent immigrant who is proficient in North American English (because the system requires American pronunciation), a disabled person, a young adult whose parents did not attend college, an economically disadvantaged person

Availability: now/future date

Location: virtual or Loudoun County, Virginia

Cost: free, paid training is possible

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