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Need: E.g. advice for someone considering law school, mentoring for marketing, introductions to people in your field, office space to hold meetings, resume advice, training in your area of business, materials needed for your career

Urgency: E.g., Urgent, Semi-urgent, Not-urgent

Location: E.g., city, town, suburb, virtual

Cost: E.g., $/€/¥/hr, fixed, barter, negotiable, seeking it for free

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Facilitator for online events

Need: interested in finding an experienced facilitator who is willing to be training running live offers and needs markets (virtual or in person)

Urgency: Semi-urgent

Location: virtual, Virginia

Cost: negotiable


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Worker Cooperative offering services to Government

Need: trying to find examples of a worker cooperative that is successfully offering it’s services to Government (at any level) to help me build one to serve knowledge workers

Urgency: Not-urgent

Location: virtual

Cost: free or negotiable


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