Build Find My Way

When you visit the Find My Way website, you are invited to participate.  You are able to post questions, create your own public profile, add information, write your version of our goal and post it, and much more.


In this way, members build the community and the movement.


If you want to live in a world that works for all people, and you can follow the community guidelines, please join us and help us grow.


If you do interact on the Find My Way website, you automatically "earn" social capital. Every action that can be taken on the site has a set value of social capital. Your running total of social capital is tracked on our site, and you can see all your own social capital transactions.


Once you begin contributing to our site, you become a Visitor Member of Find My Way. You can participate in governing the co-operative. Training will be available for members who want to understand fully how to use the website and build upon it.


As you continue to build the website, you will get to a certain social capital value, and then you become a Builder Member. Builder Members may share in the revenue of the website if they want to do so.


Contact us if you are interested in learning more.