Find My Way

In the world where we would like to live, there is peace.


Relations between individuals, communities and nations are peaceful. This natural outcome arises out of our work to ensure everyone benefits in all our endeavors. We devote ourselves to finding win-win solutions to our challenges.


In this world, families have easy access to nourishing food and clean water. We get enough rest and have time to enjoy our bodies through games, exercise and play. Housing, healthcare, and education are accessible to us all, and they meet the needs of the people. Healthcare is focused on nurturing good health and being well. We enjoy taking care of our bodies and building our good health. People rarely get sick, and when they do treatment is effective. Education is centered on the student and their needs. Government is centered on citizens and serving their needs. Animals are treated humanely and with respect. We live in harmony and integration with the natural world.


We are all free to make our own choices, follow our own consciences and speak our minds. We participate in all decisions and choices that affect our lives. We have physical security in our own homes and communities. Knowledge that is relevant to our own lives is easily accessible. Everyone feels safe. Children and vulnerable adults are nurtured and cared for. We have time to enjoy life together as we wish.


Our creativity flows in the world, and we learn new ways of being on the planet. Everybody is having a great time, and each day we learn more and have more adventures. We look forward to the challenges of each day, confident in our ability to meet those challenges and succeed. We often have passionate experiences that fulfill our deepest desires. 


In this world, past harms and injustices are out in the open and acknowledged. The damage that was done has been completely addressed at its root and repaired. When problems and conflicts naturally arise, we work together to solve them peacefully. In the rare instances when violence occurs, we are able to quickly and effectively stop that violence and make sure it doesn't happen again. Then we heal the effects of that violence.


For the world to become this way and stay this way far into the future, our natural environment would need to be healthy.  Our oceans and all water on earth would be clean. Our soil would be rich in nutrients. Our plants would be diverse, and ecosystems would be balanced. The land and water would support diverse and abundant plants and animals. The water, mineral and carbon cycles must be in balance to support resilient and diverse human, animal and plant communities. 


This is the world envisioned by Find My Way. This is our goal. It is our intention that building this community moves us powerfully towards that goal. 


If the world described above is similar to the world where you would like to live, you are invited to explore the community we are building. We would love for you to participate with us.


Together, we will find our way to this world.